How E-Learning Increase Retention by 60%

How E-Learning Increase Retention by 60%

March 05 2019 | 4 min read
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Just recently, Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Tom Abbott post an interesting video on his LinkedIn account. Here's what Tom said about E-Learning!

Here’s what e-learning can do for your company

E-learning increases retention up to 60% So If you’re only doing instructor-led training or classroom training, you’re missing out.

If you incorporate e-learning into your training, your retention rates will go up to 60%.

Using gamification, learners scored 15% higher in skill based knowledge and 9% higher than using traditional methods. So if you put an element of a game and some competitiveness and fun, people actually learn more. And that’s what you want in any training, right?

Plus, companies using e-learning see a revenue per employee increase of 26%. So, you end up getting more money per employee through e-learning. It’s just incredible!

E-learning can cover up to 5x the material of instructor led training in the same amount of time. Time to start implementing e-learning?
Let’s talk to us and find out about how our E-Learning boost your revenue!

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