6 Key Benefits of Digital Data Collection

Entrepreneurs are always trying to maximize the resources and optimize the operations so their business will more profitable. Especially in data collection process, the ability to collect and analyze data effectively is important for business.

Collecting data using paper form and pen, which is then manually entered into the database for analysis, will be time consuming and be more expensive. Transforming to the digital data collection is a best approach for some time now, it will enable company to obtain the result in a faster and more accurate manner than manual information processing. Furthermore it will improving the quality of the data and help to reduce the labor burden associated with obtaining and analyzing data.

While there may still be reasons to use paper for in-field data collection, but using a digital solution will make it easier for in-field data collection and bring more benefit for your business.
These are the 6 main advantages of digital data collection:

Save time and cost

The cost of printing and paperwork can be very expensive. It involves various sub costs like equipment management, paper records maintenance and cost of space to put and store the papers. Furthermore it will spend a significant amount of time on manual data entry and transferring the information collected into database.
Using digital forms instead of paper forms has a significant impact on time and cost saving as printing, storing, and distributing. With automated data collection, you don’t need resources for manual data entry and analyze the data collection results.

Real time report

Unlike paper forms which take a lot of time on distributing the report, digital platform allows you to access the data as soon as it is submitted and uploaded to the server. It will be easier and faster to get the insightful information about what is happening.

Analyzed instantly

With digital data collection, data can be graphed and analyzed instantly. No more calculating by hand and moving data into a spreadsheet because most solutions allow the data to be automatically exported into excel or pdf file. So that it will reduce the labor burden and time spend in manual process.

Improve accuracy

Digital data collection is more accurate and complete than data collected through paper forms. With data validation that is built into the digital forms, willnot allowed to enter invalid value so that it can eliminate entry errors and the issue of data lost in transcription.

Massive reach out

The distribution process using digital data collection also become easier. Digitalforms can be delivered to thousands of prospective respondents via online suchas email social media and website.

More peaceful

Imagine how much more smoothly your days will go when you never again have to find for lost document or deal with damaged document. Now you can stare at quiet and clean room or enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying spilling in on documents.

Most business organizations stand to benefit substantially by transforming frompaper to digital data collection. Now, are you ready to reap the benefits? It is your time to take a step ahead and embrace digitalization. Let’s join to our solution and reap the benefits together!

6 Key Benefits of Digital Data Collection