Sustainable Environment,
Enhance The Quality of Living

Improving the environment and
quality of life with automated solution

IAQ Sensor

Keep your building occupants with a healthy air.
Our system will integrate a sensor for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), that is known to affect health, comfort, and wellbeing of building occupants, and make sure that the air condition of your building is free from dust or any other particle that affect health.

Toilet Sensor

When it comes for environmental wellbeing, we won’t leave out toilet. Our odour sensor and people counter are integrated with Adept platform and we make sure to keep toilets clean whenever people use it.

Automated Alert System

All sensor that are used are integrated in one centralized system.
Whenever it triggered by specific input from environment (i.e. smell and pressure), it will send an alert for the
assigned people to perform the cleaning or checking works.

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