Centralized and Automated System
for Your Clubhouse

Managing the clubhouse
never been easier with automation

Integration Makes Possible

No worries to manage all facilities in your clubhouse!
We come with a solution to digitize and
integrate your clubhouse’s facilities
and manage them in 1 centralized system which
is easy to manage and access.

Visitor Management System

Let us help you to records your visitor
with Visitor Management System
which scan the license plate
whenever a car is driving in/out of your building.


And yes, we got your back to record not only with license plate.
You can have self-service feature to record who is coming
to your facilities and your entire buildings.

Manage Facility Booking

Simplify the coupons issuance for your club member
and automate the manual process of facility booking into
a paperless process with digital form.

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