AdeptForms at SecurityTech Indonesia 2019

AdeptForms together our partner has been participating in SecurityTech Exhibiton that take place on April 4 – 6, 2019 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

By participating in this exhibition, it’s a great opportunity to showcase our product which support the digital transformation. This opportunity enables us to reach our audience and our potentials, and helping them to know more about AdeptForms and how its automation technology helps the company to work more efficient.

If you are still working with pen and paper forms, we believe that you understand how troublesome it is to bring papers around and how long would it take to submit or even entry the information from the paper one by one. AdeptForms helps small-medium companies to change the manual and costly process into mobile and cloud-based process.

The solution helps to digitize your pen and paper forms by utilizing the digital forms and work with cloud-based process which can reduce cost and time waste in your company. The documents that are stored online enables company to track and access the reports easily. With only several clicks, company can access and download the reports in many file types. In this way, the long process of submitting forms and collecting reports from various departments or sites, that usually take days now it can be viewed and done immediately.

Furthermore, we also provide e-learning feature which allow companies to enhance their employees’ skills from anywhere at any time. There’s still more of AdeptForms!

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AdeptForms at SecurityTech Indonesia 2019