How AdeptForms E-learning Helps Security Agency on PLRD Grading

Do you know your security agency can get 40 points just by providing e-learning for security officers. If security agency can give evidence about e-learning, security agency can get 40 points.

Security Officers on Their Daily Basis

In their day-to-day job, security officers have to be responsive and reliable for any situation or safety issue that might occur. They need a sufficient knowledge and proper training before they jump in the real situation. Hence, security agency must be able to provide a good training in order to help security officers improve their skills. Furthermore, it enhances the service quality of your security officers and by providing a great service you can attract more customers. However, employers often find it difficult and costly to prepare a training room, facilities, and invite the trainer. It is also difficult to manage the training schedule with security officers’ schedule. If they miss it, they have to wait until the next training session.

E-learning for Security Officers

With technology enhancement, now people are digitizing many manual and paper tasks, including training process. It is better for security agencies to make the most from the benefit of using technology. Security agencies can utilize e-learning to accommodate security training. E-learning simply is a learning process utilizing electronic technologies to access the material outside a traditional classroom. It will be easier to conduct training without the need of coming to class for courses and test.

In AdeptForms, we help various companies to go paperless, including digitizing their learning process with our e-learning system. Using AdeptForms e-learning feature, companies can create their own syllabus and provide their own learning materials based on company needs. As it is a learning process outside classroom, security officer can take the course anytime and anywhere as long as they are have internet connection. The learning progress will be recorded. Companies will be able to monitor it, for example: what course has been taken, whether security officer passed the test or not, who has taken the course/test, and who passed it.

As this is the time to prepare for PLRD Grading, we believe that our solution is very helpful for security agency. By using electronic incident management, security agency can get maximum 35 points. While 40 points will be given if security agency can give evidence of using e-learning system to conduct training which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

AdeptForms e-learning is easy to use. It will surely help you not only to do training smoothly, but also improving your PLRD Grading. You can fill your enquiry here and prepare for your security agency grading now.

How AdeptForms E-learning Helps Security Agency on PLRD Grading