Advantages of Digital Inspection in Your Worksite

In construction and building renovation, many necessary periodic inspections are conducted. During such project, every company is required to do inspection to check whether the material or item is in proper condition and if it meets with the required standard of the item used for building. The field inspector usually do the audit on monthly or yearly basis. Mostly, they use paper form.

If let’s say you are a construction consultant, how many inspection you do in a year?
With that number, imagine how much paper you use and how much are wasted as damaged document or lost document?
Then, imagine how you actually want to go simple with these forms rather than carry around many paper.

To solve this problem, many companies are starting to go digital and use digital form to do many paper related task such as site inspection. There are many reasons why construction company should use digital forms. Not just because the industry is ready to go digital, but using digital forms help company to work more efficient, save time and save money. Replacing paper based site inspection checklists with digital forms will help optimize internal business processes. Digitising site inspection has many advantage. The followings are some of the advantage of using digital form for site inspection.

Carry fewer things

The first thing that would be different by using digital form is that inspector will carry fewer things than ever. Inspection means checking, examining, and even capturing picture necessary for reporting. If paper-based process required inspector to bring paper, pen, clipboard, and camera (or using phone), then digital form have it all under one device and/or with one application. Digital form make it less burdensome to conduct inspection.

Reduce the hassle of forms

Redistributing paper is a troublesome process that can be automated. Once the form is submitted to the back office, the worker have to recalling the form and update the data in the excel. Then, they still have to redistributing another forms for the field workers. With digital form, the data is synchronised and automatically updated in the server so there’s no need on refilling the same data and updating data one by one. Moreover, with digital inspection, the report is generated in second. The report is available for download with just several clicks.

Reduce paper use

Converting your paper forms into digital forms means that you can manage your documents more efficiently and eliminating unnecessary administrative overhead. Aside from that, reducing paper use is saving cost and environment.

Reduce human error

With paper form, there are many possible errors occurred during and after filling the inspection form, such as illegible hand writing, incomplete answer, and disjoint form when consolidating. Digital form ensure that every field is filled properly by adding sequence so that the form can’t be submitted before the fields are answered completely. Thus, also can increase the accuracy of inspection that pen and paper form can’t accomplish.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Digital inspection form greatly reduce administrative cost and increase inspection data quality. Moreover, digital inspection will enable easy and quicker turnaround, whenever there’s an unexpected change. This way company can establish preventive maintenance schedule.

Converting your pen and paper inspection form bring many advantages to the working process of construction company. It enables a smooth inspection process and reporting, save time, and save cost.

Our form management with workflow automation can help construction company to digitise pen and paper form and remove the hassle of inspection.

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Advantages of Digital Inspection in Your Worksite