Annual Bonus for Cleaners – Nail How to be Productive

The payment for cleaning worker will become way better and more manageable than in the past. The progressive wage model for cleaning industry was passed in Parliament on October under Environmental Public Health (Amendment) Bill and has been accepted by the Government. With this amendment, cleaning workers will receive annual bonus of at least two weeks’ payment start from January 2020 when it becomes mandatory for cleaning company to pay them the bonus. Cleaning business that doesn’t comply with the new requirement will be fined or risk of losing their business license.

The compulsory bonus, that were released by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC), will be applied for cleaners who are Singaporeans and permanent residents who have worked at least a year in the same company. As progressive wage model, the new requirement also present as the national effort to raise wages and encourage skill upgrading in cleaning industry. More than that, business will be encouraged to raise worker productivity by investing on training. That means, cleaning workers will also be expected to work more effective to increase their productivity.

Furthermore, the new requirement also expands the use of Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) in Singapore which is a system to automate waste collection, that later can help to reduce the need of cleaner to collect waste from every housing block and take it to the bin centre. So that workers in the cleaning industry can do more value-added job and company doesn’t need to add more workers that are foreign workers to get the job done. Moreover, the requirement also acts as a milestone to transform service through innovation and technology that will help to upskill the environmental service workers, and improving their livelihood as well as their working conditions.

By this mandatory annual bonus, companies in cleaning industry must start to consider how to make their workers work more productive and to fulfil the mandatory bonus if they want to survive. For doing so, companies in cleaning industry need to transform their daily operation processes to be faster and simpler. They need an innovation to support their works and at the same time help them to raise cleaning workers’ skills.

AdeptForms solutions that innovate the way to automate every process will help cleaning firms to fulfil the requirement. With our customizable forms and many features that support the cleaning workers, you can expect that your daily working process will be streamlined and become simpler than ever. Our paperless system enables your workers to do their work through an online platform and mobile app. Without using too much paper, every cleaning form can be reported in real-time, then the system will help you to consolidate and generate the reports faster than the manual way.

To make a long-term investment on your cleaning workers, you can use AdeptForms e-learning features that enables companies to conduct skill training for the cleaning. This feature will enable your workers to take cleaning courses and test everywhere every time through an online platform and mobile app. In addition, you can monitor how the training is going, who passed and who need to retake the course in one system.

In our system, productivity is on your fingertips. Call us for further information.

Annual Bonus for Cleaners – Nail How to be Productive