PLRD Grading: Automate Exercise Report for Security Agency

Continue on this year PLRD Grading, what have you prepared to get a better grade? There are many requirements for Security Agencies to get a good grade in this year PLRD Grading. Last week, we have talked about incident management

Get 35 Points More on PLRD Grading!

Last year’s SAGE (Security Agencies Grading Exercise) had been done from June to December 2019, and the result was announced at December 16, 2019. It will be valid from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020. In total 235 security

Clean The Public Toilet in 2020 Way!

Have you ever heard about toilet sensor? It is one of the things that can help your cleaners to do better on their cleaning work, especially keep the cleanliness of toilet.   When you are in public places such as

Here is the Reason Why Cleaning Industry Need an E-Learning

The cleaning industry plays an important role in ensuring a clean and liveable environment for everyone to live. Especially for busy households or office space that doesn’t have cleaners. As a part of everyday life, cleaning industries should be supported

New Year: Upgrade Your Skill and Pick a New Skill

New year has come again and it is time to go upgrading yourself and your business. One way to upgrade your business is to develop your employees’ skills. Offering employees the opportunity to develop their skills will give employees additional

Optimize Your Retail Business With Going Paperless

For a quite long time, people always relied on paper to run their business. From keeping an inventory record, making a trading contract, or even just giving out receipt order. Paper has always been the most trusted media to keep

Paper Free School for Millennial

Have you ever wondering how much trees being cut down to make papers? We only need 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. Sounds like a small number right? Let do a simple math, if a school needs 5

go digital, paperless, save earth

How Going Digital Can Save Earth

Gone are the days of outdated invoices, wasted documents, and filing cabinets. Now workplaces have taken a paper-free appearance for a better environment. With the rising campaign about saving the planet, companies around the world are finally waking up to