Here is the Reason Why Cleaning Industry Need an E-Learning

The cleaning industry plays an important role in ensuring a clean and liveable environment for everyone to live. Especially for busy households or office space that doesn’t have cleaners. As a part of everyday life, cleaning industries should be supported by skilful cleaners. One way to get skilful cleaners is to give them training. In Singapore, the cleaning industry can get a license from the National Environment Agency (NEA). To get certification from NEA, training must be conducted for cleaners from Environmental Cleaning Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). Based on the NEA website, at the point of license application, at least 50% of the cleaners are to be trained. Meanwhile, at the point of license renewal and throughout the license period, 100% of the cleaners are to be trained.

There are types of training, but the one for cleaning crew is Certificate in Environmental Cleaning. This certification aims to equip cleaning professional with the skills to perform basic cleaning activities. All kinds of workforce should get the certificate, both residents (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) and foreign cleaners (full-time, part-time and casual inclusive). For cleaning crew, the requirements are 4 core + 2 elective units with 94 – 122 hours duration.
There are a lot of benefits that both employees and employers can get by attaining the WSQ. For employees, you will be equipped with skills that apply to daily work, gain industry-recognized credentials for skills, enjoy opportunities for career advancement, and employability will be enhanced as employers prefer skilled workers. As for employers, your employees will be skilled and more productive, can better align staff behavior with organizational strategies and values, will be able to adapt to changes, can stay competitive as organizational efficiency is increased, will enjoy support for implementation of the framework, and able to achieve training criteria required for Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme.

But what if cleaners already have some skills from their work experience? Do they still have to attend the full course of training sessions? The answer is NO.

If cleaners already have prior training and skills from their work experience, they can apply for Assessment Only Pathway (AOP). AOP is an alternative pathway for cleaners to obtain Environmental Cleaning WSQ directly without having to go through the training session. Cleaners just have to attend an assessment. But to apply for AOP, assessor will screen cleaners skill level acquired from prior training and work experience.

AOP will be cheaper and not taking too much time. Before employers can get the assessment, they will be screened first. We can help cleaners to pass screening process before the assessment. With our e-learning feature, employers can conduct online training for cleaners, help them improve their skill before taking AOP. All of the process are conducted online that cleaners can do training and practice from anywhere at anytime. Click here to book your FREE DEMO.

Here is the Reason Why Cleaning Industry Need an E-Learning