Customer Feedback to Help Your Restaurant Growth

Why customer feedback is important?
When customers come to a restaurant, what do they expect from that experience? Of course, customers expect a fine dining experience that they can take home, from the food, service, and the ambiance of the restaurant, all those factors that create this dining experience. However, do restaurant owners know what customers may expect from their dining experience? To make the experience a complete success, restaurant owner needs to understand what customers like and what they think need improvement. This is why customer feedback is important.
It gives insight for restaurant owner and to improve the dining experience of customers. Because keeping customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing in restaurant. In order to do keep customers happy with our restaurant, we need to know their expectations and thoughts on the particular service. Feedback form needs to be carefully structured to be able to sustain the changing nature of customers’ expectations. It is also crucial for the restaurant to be able to get the right preference of the customers.
How to make good customer feedback?
Ask the right questions
Most customers will freeze up when they are being asked questions that they feel to be relatively vague. In order to customers to not struggle with their answer, it’s best to ask questions more specific than “Did you like our website?”, especially if we want to know what we can improve in that area. It is better to ask questions like “How was your checkout experience?”. This question is more specific and simple.
You can create more than one feedback form—you don’t need one singular feedback form to determine the effectiveness of your entire website, not when some users may only experience one aspect of it. For example, when a customer orders something from an e-commerce website, it becomes natural to ask them about the checkout experience. This will ensure that the questions are relevant to the user, and the form will be shorter and more focused.
Communicate with natural language
As we know that contextual questions are better, as they allow customers to complete the feedback form faster. But, one thing that often we miss is the lack of natural language. When we use too much formality or the questions are too vague, customers will find it hard to understand. That’s not to say that you should use slang words, but you should “speak” to them like how you would speak to them in real life.
It’s also perfectly fine to use emojis, as they’re a terrific way to communicate emotion. Even though you’re communicating through a screen, behind those screens you’re both just two humans trying to have a conversation.
Why digital form is easier to get customer feedback?
Get specific feedback from customers
Filling a long feedback form in a paper that has nothing to do with customers’ experience is quite a pain. Moreover, you can’t ask for specific feedback for specific service, because usually feedback forms are printed beforehand and that makes the questions become too general.
Digital form allows you to get specific feedback and get deeper insight from customers based on the particular items and services that they ordered. In addition, it becomes more engaging to review the items they order and service they experience themselves. This specific feedback also reduces the gap between customers expectation and the real service they receive.
Receive real-time feedback
In the manual feedback process, we gather the forms then check one by one, or sometimes we have no time to check all of them. Imagine if there is a bad review and we didn’t get to see it. We would never know that our service needs improvement and maybe we would find a bad review going online!
When it comes to digital feedback form, whenever you receive a review, you will instantly get a notification on your mobile phone. If it is a bad review, you will have the chance to get the situation under control, soothe the customer even before they walk out of the restaurant.
What do you think about digitizing the restaurant feedback form? Share your thought with us, we would like to hear from you too.
Customer Feedback to Help Your Restaurant Growth