Digital Forms: Transform the Way You Work

Technology has brought the mobile devices into nearly everyone’s hand. However, despite of the fact that we are in the middle of digital transformation, most of us still rely on paper forms in running our business.

Transforming your paper forms to digital forms is the solution to drive the change in your business and move forward.

What is Digital Form?

Digital forms are the forms that created by digital platform and are filled via either website or app. With app, you can use your smartphone to work without carrying papers around anymore. Digital forms are more customizable and can be adapted to optimize working process.

How to Create?

Converting your paper-based checklist and forms into digital form will change the way you work. Generally, a digital form platform will let you to create form based on your need. You only need to drag and drop any fields or using the pre-made template which is provided by the system.

Benefits of Digital Forms

Digital forms have the features that will add value to your forms. These are ones that paper forms don’t have.

Rich data

With digital forms you can use your phone camera to capture photos related to the report, automate time, track geolocation, and add e-signature.

Save time

Digital forms can be filled faster than writing by hand in paper forms. Using features such as multiple choice, Likert, and checklist will speed up the process of gathering the information.

Save money

Filling forms electronically on your computer or mobile device reduce or even eliminate the cost of printing, storing, and distributing document.

Increase accuracy

Digital forms produce more accurate data. Because we can set forms sequence, required fields, and validation, which won’t allow forms to be submitted before it is completed. It can also be filled in offline mode, the condition in which we don’t get any internet or having bad internet signal, then the forms will automatically updated when we get the signal. Thus, will still enable a real-time information taking.


With the standardised information, the data captured by digital form can be analysed with an easy-to-understand format in the dashboard and chart. It is then, can be useful for decision maker to take an informed decision.

Easy to track and access

WThe filled in information will be stored in the database which enables the information to be available any time. The data can be sort and managed in a way that makes it easier to look up or search. In addition, the synchronization makes it possible for us to access information from anywhere as long as we have the permission.

More of the benefits, besides saving time, saving money, and enhance the information quality, the usage of digital forms that reduce the usage of paper contribute to environment sustainability. By converting to digital forms, you use less paper which means saving more trees, water, and reduce the use of dangerous chemical.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the change, convert your paper forms to digital forms today!
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Digital Forms: Transform the Way You Work