Clean Away Your Paper: Discover Digital Forms for Janitorial Service


If you are from cleaning industry, you know that janitors work in several sites and unusual working pattern. Janitors spend most of the time on the field, on the client site. However, there are a lot of paperwork involved to maintain inspection records, checklist to ensure the work done, logbooks, customer records and more. With a busy work like that, who wants to spend half of the day completing paperwork by hand?


There’s a lot of paperwork involved that both the janitors and company have lost more valuable time fill the paper forms. Moreover, the disadvantage of paper forms such as illegible handwriting, misplaced form, and lost documents make it more difficult to complete forms quickly. We also spend so much time tracking the forms and submitting forms.


With the current technology, cleaning company can utilise digital forms to do the paperwork. Digital form is customisable, so you can create form based on your company’s needs. Generally, you can drag and drop many features. For example, you may choose to use checklist for cleaning checklist or inspection. Maybe you need to use text field for other information and want to add signature box for the janitors to be able to give signature before submitting.


Furthermore, with this digital form for cleaning, the parties related to the forms will receive a real-time notification every time the form has been submitted. Mostly, digital form not only works in website, but also has a mobile app. Mobile app will make the forms easier to be accessed from the working sites. If usually we carry around the paper forms, now we only need one device to carry many forms inside the mobile app. Filling forms from mobile app is just quicker and easier, right?


The mobile app is also work in offline mode. So that you have no worries when having bad internet connection or no internet connection at all. You can save your filled forms in any location and when you are back to the connected area, the forms will be sent automatically.


These forms are securely saved in the cloud (saved online) and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with any device.


You don’t have to be worried for misplaced forms or lost forms. Because every form will be routed based on the pre-setting workflow, together with the related forms. It will be easier in documentation and tracking because you only need several clicks to find what you need and no more dealing with a lot of paper.


Save time and money, digitise your paper forms with AdeptForms!

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Clean Away Your Paper: Discover Digital Forms for Janitorial Service