How Car Dealers Can Utilize Digital Forms

Nowadays, most people own tablets and/or smartphones. They carry their gadget to almost everywhere to do many things from personal things to work related things. We do not only chat or make a call by our phones, but also taking photos and taking notes. With the new emerging technology, we even store and access our files, emails, and even projects with gadget. Technology has changed how we lived, but it should also change how we work.

The Usage of Paper

A large part of paper that is used in automotive industry, specifically for car dealers, lies in the forms involved in the day-to-day work. We may mention vehicle rental agreement, car sales agreement, car purchase agreement, handover form, insurance form, and customer feedback form. There may be still more forms included in the whole process and we use a lot of paper in those processes. We need paper for agreement forms and yet, we also need papers to make a copy of let’s say ID card and driving license. The large number of papers are consumed daily in those forms.

If you follow our previous post, you may find out the real cost of paper-based process. How much do those papers cost your business?

It can be a lot. Using paper is not only costly and waste time, but also can be very complicated to manage. We would need place to store the documents and resource to take care of the documents. Imagine the cost of buying paper, printer maintenance, recovery cost for damaged and lost documents, and how much time do your employees spend to dive into paper forms finding documents. If we recognized it, there are many new trends in automotive industry such as electric vehicles and fuel efficiency. Cars are becoming more modern. However, the companies in the industry still using paper in their workplaces. Why don’t we follow the trend of using disruptive technology to take care of our works?

Utilizing Digital Forms

Following the trend of using technology, car dealers can utilize digital forms in the day-to-day works. We may think that digital forms only about doing online survey and never thought of using them for rental or purchase forms. But, as we look around, we use forms and documents in many purposes. The same case with using paper for many purposes. When we want to rent a car, we fill forms and give copy of our ID. Now, imagine transform those forms into digital forms and you can fill it using gadget. How about the copy of our IDs? Isn’t it too much work to scan and upload it?

We can take photos of IDs and upload it into the forms. No need for copies and storing papers. There are many advantages outweighs the disadvantages of using digital forms in automotive industry.

The Advantage for Your Business

Considering the cost of subscription, it will be more value-for-money solution rather than using papers. Saving time must be attractive enough, as we don’t need time to entering data into the computer. It’s already there. But we also reduce the operating cost that usually consumed in a paper-based process.

In addition, reducing errors also an important reason of utilizing digital forms. The mistake in filling data usually arose when we used paper. Most of the time, there is too much freedom in how to fill the data because it depends on each person of what is acceptable to put in and what is not. So that we may find different kinds of information from different person. Another advantage is that electronic documents will be easier to track. The man hours of searching the one file can be spent on more value-added purpose.

The steps in digital forms are becoming easier, so that we don’t really have to be technically trained to be able to use it. Moreover, when we are provided with guide or customer support to use it. The employees who experience the use of digital forms might find that the process of filling and submitting forms go faster and easier. While doing the checking, they can take photos of driving license as replacement for the copy.

Adeptforms has served clients from various industries to digitize forms and reduce the paper use. We are ready to serve the automotive industry in adopting our technology and work more efficient.

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How Car Dealers Can Utilize Digital Forms