How Technology Helps Security to Work Faster and Easier

Security officers’ duty can come in many forms, such as: doing patrolling, guard places or people, doing reporting and many more. One of the topic we are going to talk about is the reporting duty a security officer has to take. In fact, there are many forms they need to fill and submit every day.We can mention: patrolling report when they go to sites and check whether the sites are guarded properly, incident report when there is acertain incident or accident happen in their site, and after action review report which is a report made after the incident has been handled by the security and the supervisor will give their approval.

In a paper based process, security guards have to carry paper forms to report any incident or patrolling, and record the event’s data. As a mobile worker, they work across sites and dealing with various environment, collect report and submit to the manager. With the mundane task, it’s troublesome to carry around the paper forms to their working sites.

Moreover, in the paper-based process, usually it takes days to do the reporting, collect incident reports and even patrolling reports from various sites, and consolidating report. Working with paper also brings other difficulties to either security guards or the agency it self. By using paper,the problem such as: missing record and incomplete report. Other than that, a paper record is also difficult to track.

In our previous article about the steps for effective incident report, we mention that getting the details as one of the step, and getting the detailed information is important, not only for incident report, but also another security reporting such as patrolling. Imagine when you use paperforms, you fill one by one and maybe one information over and overagain, but then it got damaged or lost. It will waste the time to re-do it again and also cause an additional cost for agency. Furthermore, there may be the lost data or information that is important for the clients, agency, and future planning.

Then, how do we manage to get the details, fill forms or even giving response in timely manner?

In other words, working faster and more efficient. An automation technology, which provides online forms and automated workflow will be the answer. The digital system enables the process of incident reporting and patrolling report to finish so much faster. Because the forms are submitted via website or mobile app that will be automatically sent to the supervisor once it is submitted, then supervisor can do the approval anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to submit manually, filling the same details over and over, and consolidating the forms by yourself. Because it will be all automated. What security officer needs to do are fill the report forms, submit, get approval, then the supervisor can just download the PDF file for one report or even several reports in one file. Therefore, now it only takes approximately 0.5 days to finish all the tasks.

There are many benefits of using technology to do incident report andother security reporting, such as:

Ensure Complete Detail

Because digital form enables company to set some information tobe mandatory and provide the report in detail the same as what it has been written in the forms.

Timely Response

With one device that can be carried around easily, the security officer can report as soon as possible with their device or search the correct form without the hassle of finding paper.

Ensure Accountability (Photos, Signature)

The digital system provides the e-signature feature and enables officer to take photos and submit it for the reporting.

Easy to Track

The last but not least, all the forms and reports are stored online in one place. So, if you need it, you only need to search it without drowning in the pile of papers.

Adeptforms provides the automation system for your security officers. We have been serving many industries to digitise their paper forms and help them to work more effective and efficient.
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How Technology Helps Security to Work Faster and Easier