Improving Response Time with SOS Button

Providing the best service is important to a service company, such as company in security industry. Giving the best work or the best service for customers will not only beneficial for your company to gain a good reputation but also to achieve a high customers’ satisfaction. As we see, a satisfied customer has a high possibility to come back, reuse your service, and even spread the word of mouth to the other potentials. In a long term, it will help company to have a sustainable income and survive in the industry. In regards to that goal, company gives training to its security officers to handle each situation or threat that they may face in the field and the necessary equipment that support their works.

Beside their main duty to guard a certain place, they also have to go through the reporting processes for every incident they faced or every patrolling route they went through. Thanks to technology this process can be streamlined and simplified, as technology offers a system to handle all the necessary reporting processes and enhance the communication process.

All the security technology aim to effectively streamline every process in security management, including the procedure to respond to an emergency. Therefore, security officers are expected to give an immediate respond to emergency situations and minimize the impact caused by the emergency or threat. However, it might be difficult to give an immediate respond without a sufficient tool or adequate system to support the process.

SOS Button

In today’s world, many security and patrol systems have been enhanced to support the patrolling needs and real-time communication for security officers. Including the SOS panic button for security officers. This SOS feature help to improve the response time of security officers whenever they encounter an emergency.

Each security officer may have a certain role in emergency situation that has been determined by the employer or the clients. Let’s say an officer doing the patrolling routine and suddenly find an unexpected and dangerous situation that needs an immediate action, there should be a good system or device that can clearly communicate emergency to dispatchers or assigned security officers, shortens the respond time and enables immediate action to handle threats.

AdeptForms with its mobile app provide a seamless solution to support the work of security officers. Be it doing incident report, patrolling report, e-learning, and even notifying an emergency to the assigned officers. With one tap of a button, AdeptForms enables your security to send an SOS alert to the monitoring centre or to the assigned officers as the urgent situation occurred, giving them tools to coordinate faster and more effective.

This one button will surely improve your security officers’ performance on having a quick response to any urgent situation without wasting time of manually report the situation to the assigned officers.

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Improving Response Time with SOS Button