Paper Free School for Millennial

Have you ever wondering how much trees being cut down to make papers? We only need 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. Sounds like a small number right? Let do a simple math, if a school needs 5 ton of paper each year, that means 120 trees are cut down. If in a small city there are 20 schools, that means 2.400 trees need to be cut down to provide enough paper for this small city. Imagine there are thousands of this small city. How many more trees need to be cut down to make paper?
Paper free environment is an environment which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. In the case of school, it can be done by converting school documents into digital form. With technological development, millennial everywhere become familiar with computer technologies and digital world. Thus, make millennial is the most suitable one for paper free school. You may wonder why. There are some of the reasons:
  • It will save so much time
Imagine you don’t have to walk to another office again for handing the documents to school staff. More digitalize system can help school staff to spend less time on handling the school documents. Teacher could do less paperwork on students’ grading or any other students’ administration. No more pulling all-nighter just to fill students’ information because students can simply fill the online form.
  • Less paper less expense
By using less paper it means also less money spent on buying paper. School can provide healthy snack for students with the money that supposed to buy papers. Students need to be healthy to do well in school, right?
  • Paper waste reduction
In US school, a student produce 2,1 kg waste each day which 40% of it are paper waste. In UK, a year 12,5 million tons paper were used which means 300 million trees were cut just so they turn to waste. Meanwhile in Indonesia, Jakarta produce 8.765,5 tons waste per day which 8,75% of it is paper waste. With going paperless, school can help reduce paper waste thus, reduce carbon foot print that damaging our planet.
  • Reduce storage room
Say no more to creepy storage room full with soon-going-to-be-waste papers. With going digital, storage room can be used as student activity center.
  • The documents are safe
In the event of disaster like fire or flood, documents are safe if it was digitalized. If it’s not digitalized yet, your precious documents will be damaged or gone during disaster.
How do you create paper free school though?
We can help you. AdeptForms has features that can help you create paper free school. You can customize your form to match your need and freely send it to your audience via email or share link via social media, messenger, web and more. With digitalized form, it become flexible, easy to track and making it quick and easy for you to access it anywhere, anytime. Not only online, you can export your forms in many file types available in our system.
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Paper Free School for Millennial