PLRD Grading: Automate Exercise Report for Security Agency

Continue on this year PLRD Grading, what have you prepared to get a better grade?

There are many requirements for Security Agencies to get a good grade in this year PLRD Grading. Last week, we have talked about incident management which can get you up to 35 points in SAGE 2020. This week we will go to another requirement in which the exercise goes deeper on the personnel and their training program.

In SAGE 2020, security agency (SA) will get 6 points if they show evidence of a dedicated personnel/team who collates information to convert into training programs. Examples of such sources could include the following:

  1. Occurrences of learning values from deployment sites (E.g. incidents or near-misses)
  2. Exercise reports
  3. Articles or reports of local/overseas incidents which are security related

We will focus on the exercise report, which is a report contains the information about the exercise a Security Officer needs to do in order to stay fit for their works.

Why Security Officers Should Do These Exercises?

To be a Security Officers doesn’t need a special degree, but that doesn’t indicate a lack of requirements. One of the most important requirements is physical fitness – both for winning the job and to keep it. Physical fitness is required to support Security Officers in their day to day works because they must always be prepared for potential danger and to keep save of what they responsible on.

Security Officers must be available for any security threats or challenges. If their condition is not well and fit, they can put themselves and those who are depend on them in danger. Security Officers job is mostly always standing and aware of surroundings. This may cause major strain to the joints and enhances muscle atrophy in legs that led to neck pain, lower back, hip and knee joints.

What are the good exercises for Security Officer?

Security Officers can do the following physical-trainings.
    • Cardiovascular or aerobic workouts
    • Strength training
    • Flexibility Training
    • Endurance Training
But Security Officer also can do much more simpler exercise, such as
    • Plank
    • Push-up
    • Wall sit
    • Hip raise

How to efficiently record exercise and have a report from it?

While they do training, they also need to report about their training into the agency as it is required to see how well they train and how ready they are for their daily jobs. In this year grading, exercise report is also mentioned as part of the assessment for personnel. To prepare for PLRD Grading, Security Agencies need to prepare the evidence of Exercise Report in order to get the precious 6 points.

For this matter, Security Agencies have to gather and compile the reports. The problem is, compiling reports is not that easy. In fact, you get to dive into paper reports to find those you need. As for every problem always has a solution, the technology brought us the solution to simplify this work.

AdeptForms provide a solution for Security Agencies to record exercise without too much paper work. Just go digital with AdeptForms and you can easily compile the report of Security Officers’ exercise. Security Agencies can make a list of training that should be done by Security Officers. When Security Officers do the exercise, they can report it via AdeptForms. With this method, Security Agencies can easily make report of Security Officers exercises.

This way also, the process of preparing exercise report evidence become more effective, less costly, and save your time.

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PLRD Grading: Automate Exercise Report for Security Agency