Secrets to Improve Security Industry Productivity

Gone are the days where security guards using paper and pen to physically record their incident report or visitors’ records. Today, as we are heading towards globalisation and automation, the rise of digital workplace and mobile workforces demand has increased over the past 2 years.

Security agencies in Singapore can get funding up to $30,000 per year and the step-by-step guide in going digital under Security Industry Digital Plan as a response of low number of the security company that uses basic technology in their operations, such as customized mobile for patrol. The goal of this policy is to double the number of security agencies that adopt digital technology in the next two years and rely less on manpower.

The security industry is part of the labour-intensive industry which relies mostly on manpower in its operations. For agencies in small-medium business category, the limited staff and resources, often caused the owner and employees to complete numerous duties as part of their daily tasks. In addition, they are expected to work in a more efficient way to increase productivity to face today’s competitiveness. However, it is nearly impossible to get done various works done without a system which enables them to work more efficiently.

For a security company, the current work process requires a security officer to fill up tedious manual forms and reporting with paper which is hard to trace and is often prone to human errors. Moreover, it will be challenging for security supervisor to manage a group of security officers who work from the different site and to communicate in real-time. By automate every process paper to paperless, they can finish the usual manual processes faster and easier.

The pace of growth in Singapore economy is expected to grow with the launch of digital transformation to increase the productivity and using of smart device to meet the emerging and evolving demand of businesses and workforce taken to strengthen the competitiveness for small-medium businesses to thrive. Adopting and invest in cloud technology that provides efficiency and cost saving is the answer to how SMEs can improve their productivity. Nowadays the cloud technology has infiltrated many business functions, like communication, data management, and collaboration tools.

Using the advance technology, particularly that can automate those business processes, will be beneficial to streamline the processes, foster the communication, and increase security responsiveness. Current technology enables security company to transform the manual paper process into digital systems which centralize all the information in one cloud platform and allows officers to submit reports easily into the systems. Moreover, technology enables a real-time communication between officers and supervisor as they are equipped with a mobile device while patrolling that is one of the first stage list of basic technology in Security Industry Digital Plan.

It has been proved that adopting technology in the operations can improve SMEs productivity as it enables a company to minimize human errors, improve business by reducing the hours spent on data entry and missing deadlines. In the long run, digital solution can simplify the business workflow by creating template of various forms and report which help to save cost and time. It also allows company to track and export the report for easy submission. There are numerous technologies that can help SMEs to grow. As SMEs are usually smaller in size, they can be quick in adapting and have flexibility in embracing the new technology. Furthermore, by transforming through technology, they are contributing to the “smart nation” plan which envisions the leading economy powered with digital innovation.

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Secrets to Improve Security Industry Productivity