Transforming your Security Services with an End-to-End Mobile Solution

Security industry is part of the labour-intensive industry which relies mostly on manpower in its operations. In their daily work, there are so many paper that used to patrol, report any incidents and defects, get feedback from customer and many more.

Imagine, every site location they go they have to pull out several forms and fill them in by hand to describe any incident. Then, at the end of day, they have to go back to the office to send the paper stuff. On the other side, there are several officer at the office collecting stacks of paper and entering all the data manually. The question, with the manual processes how can we present the real-time data about what’s happening right now in the field?

Moreover, the more paper can harm your environment and make troublesome. There will be many places where errors, missing document and incomplete report can creep in when the paper not managed correctly. You have to spend hours searching for the lost document so that it will take a valuable time that better to be spent on other tasks. Other than that, a paper record is also difficult to track.

This is ridiculous, that means we cannot do this anymore. There’s got to be a better way.

In today’s digital world, a digital forms system is the best approach to overcome with inefficiency of security officers’ routines. Digital forms is a perfect fit for your security agency to gather a lot of quantitative data in the form of numbers, multiple choice, dates, images, and even signature.

Unlike manual paper document that can often leave your security activities vulnerable to mistakes on reporting, digital forms help to reduce the possibility of data reporting errors, and also automate data auditing. By both processing and auditing data faster, errors get caught and corrected quicker. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about losing the data reporting or being destroyed, because in digital forms data will be stored automatically, and plus the data is accessible to all stakeholders immediately when the officer complete and submit the report.

The visibility of real-time data provides you with immediate answer to questions such as, “what is happening now?” or “have all the safety requirement been met?” or “is the patrolling done properly? ” and many more. With the real-time data report it will effectively manage your security officer in different location simultaneously.

Last, with digital forms you can organize guard tour or patrol on each location and ensuring the officer accomplish their tasks properly in efficient way. The system allows security officer to execute a guard tour by scanning specific checkpoint in the patrols area. With the checkpoint that are placed in each locations, it will help security manager to identify the issues easier. Scan checkpoints, send any defect and incident reports can be completed with photo taking and digital signature even without internet connection.

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Transforming your Security Services with an End-to-End Mobile Solution