Why Healthcare Providers Should Transform to Digital Forms

The healthcare industry is known for the endless amount of paperwork that used for health records, workflow, orders, clinical data, laboratory results, timesheets and many more.
In day-to-day use of paper record it can pose significant risks to the patients. A lack of standardization in medical records will impact in differences in the quality of medical data. Furthermore, the inability to find the right information, in the right place, at the right time, can lead the patient have delayed care, and higher health costs.
Using paper forms also make it hard to do integration and collaboration between organisations and even between different departments within the same organisation, causing lower levels of patient satisfaction.

Digitize Paper Form

Beside error-prone and hard to track, form entry processes on paper are time consuming and resource-draining, especially for healthcare providers that have many patients. In an industry like healthcare, where time and efficiency are of the essence, digitizing healthcare forms will have a huge impact. Creating forms is really easy with the intuitive interface. Errors, like illegible handwriting or skipping questions are left in the old days. The healthcare employees are no longer tied down to their computers because filling in forms is possible with tablets and smartphones at any location, even without internet connection!
Then, with digital forms patients can be given tablets and other mobile devices to fill out a form quickly on arrival. By using digital forms to streamline simple processes, healthcare organisations can really add value. Replacing paper-based forms with modern, electronic, automated forms is one way to achieve this.

Let’s See the Deeper Benefits for Your Healthcare Organisation

Here are some examples of how digitizing healthcare forms can drive efficiencies and improve the experience of patients, doctors, and healthcare administrators.

#1 Improve patient experience

With digital forms, you can easily conduct a survey to patient to improve your service and patient satisfaction. Patient will more likely to fill out a questionnaire on their mobile device rather than filling it out with pen and paper. The submitted data can be sent quickly for internal review and insight will be generated sooner without you making your own analysis manually.

#2 Lower costs and save time

Digital forms cut the cost of paper, printer toner, scanning, and document storage. With this solution Hospital can save thousands of dollar every year. Furthermore, resources that previously dedicated to document organisation can be shifted to more value-added activities. It also reduces time spent gathering, locating, and sharing information and reduce medical errors and delays that result from not having the right information available at the right time.

#3 More secure

Unlike paper forms that often misplaced or wrong hands, using digital forms will securely store your data in the cloud with an SSL connection. So, there is no third party has access to it. Furthermore, you can easily find the information sooner whenever you need.

Organisation should move away from manual paper data process to automated forms and processes. The right solution will help your organisation to reduce the costs and time spent on gathering, locating, and sharing information. With the right information that available at the right time, it will be easier to provide medical history and other relevant data needed to the patients. Thus, the patient experience will be improved.

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Why Healthcare Providers Should Transform to Digital Forms