5 Biggest Clubhouse in The World, Maybe Yours Can be One of Them Too

What is a Clubhouse?
A Clubhouse often refers to a meetinghouse or central building, most commonly built by organization or community to provide a facility where the members can gather and united by the same interest. A clubhouse usually facilitated with locker room, swimming pool, gymnasium, pool and billiard, meeting rooms, and other facilities.
Clubhouse becomes popular because it provides the needed services which is reachable for the members, moreover if it saves cost for monthly payment at another place. For example, a member of university clubhouse might pay certain amount of money to use the amenities such as fitness room and swimming pool.
The membership of a clubhouse may vary based on the purpose of the clubhouse itself and usually people will pay for the membership. Nevertheless, a big clubhouse even has thousands of members around the world.
The Biggest Clubhouses in The World
There are many clubhouses in the world that we can find almost anywhere. Even some of them are categorized as the big clubhouse. Here we listed out the biggest clubhouse in the world.
  1. The Yale Club
The Yale Club New York City was built in 1897. It was designed by James Gamble Rogers and until now it has over 11,000 members all over the world. As one of the biggest clubhouse in the world, The Yale Club facilitated with roof dining room & terrace, tap room dining, library, and guest rooms.
The members of The Yale Club came from those who received degree from Yale University, those who are full-time graduate students completing degree granting program at Yale, and full-time professor.
To be a clubhouse with a big name is sure not easy and it will not be easy to be managed as well.
  1. Dalewood Golf Club
Dalewood Golf Club was designed by Robbie Robinson and was opened in 1974. As one of the largest venues in Northumberland Country, the membership range from 10 years old until older than 40.
The facilities include restaurant bar & lounge, barbeque patio area, and meeting rooms. The great hall can accommodate up to 175 people and is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling window that offers a great view of the golf course and countryside.
  1. Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
Built as wide as 35.303 sq meter, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort was opened in 1996 by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, 4th prime minister of Malaysia. This is the largest clubhouse in Malaysia which facilities include the main wing, golf wing, and sport wing.
There are 2 types of membership in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort: individual/corporate golf membership and sports & leisure membership. Individual/corporate golf members are entitled to the full use of the 450,000 sq ft clubhouse and 27-hole golf course. While sports & leisure membership can fully use all the clubhouse facilities except golf course.
  1. Abu Dhabi Golf Club
An oasis of tranquillity carved out of the desert, Abu Dhabi Golf Club offers one of the most luxurious golf resort experiences in the Middle East with 27 championship holes of golf on over 162 hectares of land. Overlooking the golf course is the iconic Falcon Clubhouse that is built in the shape of a falcon with its wings outstretched.
Abu Dhabi Golf Club offers one of the most luxurious golf resort facilitated with pool bar, Café 28, The Grille Restaurant, and meeting room. There are many privileges and benefits to a membership which range from summer pass, premium membership, midweek membership, joint membership, corporate membership, night golf membership, junior membership, and health & leisure membership.
  1. Congressional Country Club
The Congressional Country Club was built since 1921 by Congressmen Oscar E. Bland and O. R. Luhring of Indiana. It was then opened in May 23, 1924.
The facilities include indoor duck pin bowl alley, grand ballroom, fitness centre, the house grill, and founders pub. The initiation fee to be a member is 120,000 USD with 10 years of waiting list. In 2022, the clubhouse will be used for Women’s PGA Championship.
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5 Biggest Clubhouse in The World, Maybe Yours Can be One of Them Too