8 Benefits of E-Learning for Employee and Company

8 Benefits of E-Learning Technology not only changes how people shop, pay, work, and play. It also changes the way which learning is delivered to the learner, even how to do training and test. Nowadays we have been more familiar with e-learning method where learning process is done online and electronically.

Unlike classroom-based method with board, chalk or marker, e-learning only done with device. E-learning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective. Most learner want a mobile, more personalized, and relevant content. With learning online, these needs can be fulfilled. Everyone can learn based on their relevancy and on their own comfort.

E-learning also a feature that can help companies to do their employee training. This method not only come with benefits for the learner, or in this case for the employee, but also for the company. Let’s take a look at the benefits of e-learning.

Accommodates Everyone’s Needs

The digital revolution changes how learning content is accessed, consumed, and shared. Online courses and training can be taken by anyone with access at the time that most suits them, depend on each person’s comfort.

Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number of Times

In traditional learning system, we need to attend the class in certain place and period of time. If we can’t attend it, then we may have to take it next time. While e-learning enables us to access it as many times as we are available.

Scalable and Fast

Usually it might be difficult to communicate training or concept throughout E-learning can quickly communicate new training, policies, and concept throughout the organization no matter how big the organization is.

Capacity and Consistency

E-learning has a high level of coverage to communicate training to all target audience. It ensures that all learners receive the same type of training.

Reduce Time and Cost

E-learning cuts down the expensive classroom-based learning method, because learning online doesn’t need a physical classroom. This cost effectiveness also helps in enhancing the profitability of an organization. Also for employee, when they are studying at their own place, they are relieved from paying for travel expenses when training happens in another city/state and/or external learning materials. It saves time of employee on being away from the workplace for training. They can do the training anywhere at any time, so that they would be able to focus on their work.


Research has shown that e-learning produce a higher score than the old training class. It helps employee to get certification in a convenient way. The improved scores, certification, and ability to learn have a good impact for the company. Because the employee has a better ability on the assigned task as the learning gets more comfortable for them.

Higher Retention Rate

Together with the effectiveness of e-learning, it also shown that e-learning has 60% higher rate in knowledge retention. The convenient way of learning makes it possible for employee to learn better where they can go back to the lesson and refresh their memory at any time.

Less Impact on Environment

As a paperless way of learning, e-learning cuts down the use of paper on delivering training and test, protecting environment because it’s all done electronically. In addition, certificate also can be downloaded any time as PDF, so that it doesn’t have to be printed out with paper.

Due to its benefits, many institutions have started to embrace e-learning as their learning process and helping out on doing employee training. It becomes more popular these days because it saves money and time both from the learner side and the company or trainer side.Aside from digital forms, we also provide a tool to support E-learning. Drop us a message and let us know your requirements so we would know how we can help you.

8 Benefits of E-Learning for Employee and Company