AdeptForms Experience at HP Roadshow 2019

AdeptForms through our partner has been participating in HP Roadshow that take place on February 27-28, 2019 at Tanjong Pagar Centre.

By participating in this roadshow, it’s a great opportunity to showcase our product which support the digital transformation as part of the Smart Nation effort and we hope to escalate and strengthen our product and brand awareness to the exhibition visitors and participants through a face-to-face conversation.

In addition, the opportunity to join in the exhibition enables us to reach our audience and our potentials, and helping them to know more about AdeptForms and how its automation technology helps the company process to be more efficient.

In the recent years, the digital transformation has been the highlight in many industry as we gone through the effort to get a better living with technology. This is the effort to change the manual, costly process into a mobile and cloud-based platform.

AdeptForms provides solutions for company to going paperless by automating every manual paper process. By this way it will beneficial to streamline the process and provide the ease of data access through centralised cloud platform. Enables company to create the digital form and setting template for various forms and reports.

Business process that manually distributing paper forms to employee or across departments can be changed into automated process with digital forms. The forms and reports will be set so that it can be accessible for the reated parties, make it easier for company to manage forms and consolidate the reports.

With the reports that are stored safely in a cloud system, company will be able to track and access the reports easily. Just with several clicks away, company can export the report in many file types. By this way, it will cut the long process when done manually.

AdeptForms also provide the e-learning features that allow the company to manage and evaluate their employees skill. Furthermore, the company can provide their own learning materials that is suitable for the company requirements and let the employee to join the online training in anywhere at anytime.

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AdeptForms Experience at HP Roadshow 2019