AdeptForms Solution Let You Keep Going When The Internet Doesn’t

As a security company, you would have to monitor your security officers with many patrolling routes. It is inevitable that there are checkpoints located in basements and top buildings that affected to the signal strength. It can affect the process of their reporting or patrolling process that may have to be submitted right away, and at the same time will affect the communication between security officers and their supervisor.

In case, your security officers are conducting patrol in various location. When they want to submit their patrolling data, suddenly the loading bar on their screen slows to a halt.

They might try to refresh the screen then close the app and run it back while looking at the signal strength. This way, as you know, looks correct but the problem is still unsolved. 

Then, maybe they will go back to take a paper and write down the patrol’s report. In the end, you will realize that they need to work twice and it’ll be much harder. 

For a security company, adopting an automation technology can be more profitable. Conducting patrol as well as reporting the incident can be much easier and faster. 

But what happen when you work in signal-smothering building, or in uncovered network area?

With AdeptForms Solution, you can keep going.

In offline mode. 

Introducing AdeptForms Offline Mode Solution

AdeptForms changes the way to report the incidents and patrol with the superior technology that is fast and secure. Moreover, the solution that is ready to encounter a network problem and won’t be easily affected by network problem, making it the best way for conducting patrols.

Take these examples below to see how it works.

Incident Report: AdeptForms enables officers to capture the incident in a fast and easy way. When the officer go to the uncovered network areas, it doesn’t matter anymore. They can keep going to capture the incident because AdeptForms will let them to do it completely offline in a secure storage. 

Patrolling: Patrolling process will be done in an easy way by assigning via NFC and give immediate notification for every patrolling form submitted by officers. But when the officer get the poor connection, will he still be able to do clocking? 

Yes, AdeptForms enables officers to scan the NFC in offline mode as well. Moreover when the officers found a broken NFC Tag, officers are able to give immediate notification and automatically recorded to the system. This can help the patrolling process as it is a daily routine which needs a safe and effective techniques to be done.

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AdeptForms Solution Let You Keep Going When The Internet Doesn’t