Clean The Public Toilet in 2020 Way!

Have you ever heard about toilet sensor?
It is one of the things that can help your cleaners to do better on their cleaning work, especially keep the cleanliness of toilet.
When you are in public places such as mall and eating places, you will see that restroom is used over and over by many people. Restrooms in shopping malls can be used by up to 300 people an hour, whereas in food centers, it is about 100 to 150 people an hour.
Public toilets are typically cleaned at regular intervals several times a day, regardless of how frequently they are used. A cleaner can go check the toilet up to six times a day. You know what, that is a waste of manpower.
The Use of Toilet Sensor
Some cleaning firms might act on complaints, most of which are about smell. Even though they have done the cleaning, the toilet still smell and it is inconvenient for the building occupants. With the enhancement of technology, now we have toilet sensors that can “sniff” just how heavily the toilet has been used. This sensor measures the odor level of things like ammonia that is found in urine and hydrogen sulphide that is found in feces. When the odor reaches certain level, the cleaners will be notified to clean again.
This technology has been developed since 2013 and have been implemented in the public toilet island wide.
At some places, toilet uses people counter which will count how many people have come to use the toilet. Then, the cleaners will be notified to clean after certain amount of people have used the toilet.
The Benefit of Using Sensor
The technology of toilet sensor, be it odor sensor or people counter, brings benefits specially to cleaning companies.
The new technology has offered the “cleaning on demand”, which allowing supervisors to monitor the restroom in real-time, so as to improve response time and prioritise duties. This system allows them to deploy the manpower more efficiently and improve the productivity of cleaners. The data of trial in 2016, showed that the productivity of cleaners rise up to 30%. This is because they are notified in real-time when the toilet needs to be cleaned and no time wasted to just checkup daily. Furthermore, it helps cleaning companies to plan and manage the manual resources and their inventory.
AdeptForms helps cleaning companies to implement this technology. We provide the system that will sync with toilet sensor, such as odor and people counter, and send telegram notification to cleaners. They will be notified when the odor level or people counter reach the certain level which implies that toilet needs to be cleaned. Beside improving productivity and help managing resources, this allow companies to use a real-time and data-driven information for optimised cleaning operations.
You can recommend to your supervisor just how this technology will benefit company. You can reach us here to get more information about sensor management or book for a free demo
Clean The Public Toilet in 2020 Way!