Why Construction Company Should Use Digital Forms

Many industries have undergone go digital movement in the past few years, including construction companies. The digital form (also called online form or electronic form) is a key working tool in this digitisation process.

If you are not familiar with digital form, it is the forms that is similar to the current paper forms in your construction company but filled out on computer, tablet, or mobile. These forms are helping your team to work safer and easier. Because they don’t need to carry around paper forms which they might find it troublesome.

Many field workers and contractor use digital form daily on the field to report and follow the progress on-site. Field team can do inspection and capture highly accurate data with digital form through mobile or tablet. The complete document will be sent to their entire team wherever they are. That means the complete forms are also available for the back office right away, eliminating the need of administrative demands like scanning and filling.

Here we list down few more reasons why construction companies should utilise digital form.

Streamline data capture

Digital forms for field work provide opportunity to simplify data collection, because it can be submitted directly from mobile or tablet. Field teams no longer need to worry about manual paper tools like pen and paper forms, or distribute documents across sites manually. The uploaded forms and data are instantly available for the back office.

Submission even possible even when you are offline. Any submissions or changes that you make while you are offline will be uploaded automatically as soon as you have signal.

Improve data quality and accuracy

At times, paper forms are not filled properly, like some fields with crucial information that are skipped and different types of data reported. It will result on inaccuracy.

Implementing standard process through digital forms ensure that you get the same type of data. In addition, digital form can contain workflow rules that will elevate the data quality and accuracy. You can turn fields with crucial information as mandatory field. If these fields are not filled, then the form cannot be submitted. For example, the form require signature before it can be submitted. It will enforce a proper procedure and reducing incomplete forms submitted.

Store and organise collected documents

Using digital forms will automate data collection and enrich you with timely documents. If you were having difficulties on storing so many paper forms and find documents, you need to start to utilise digital forms as it doesn’t require physical storage. The data and documents are safely stored in the cloud system (online storage) and will be easier to find.

Saving time and improve productivity

With digital forms, there is more value you can add to your reports compared to paper forms. You can take picture on site and upload it to complete your document and sign document electronically with e-signature feature. All the tasks of filling forms, submit forms, take picture, and signing documents can be done from only one device.

Digital forms are simple and will save a lot of time of your field team. A lot of mistakes and missing information are avoided because the form is set beforehand. Then, the reports are generated instantly to whoever is necessary.

Utilising digital forms result in simpler and easier data collection. The information is more accurate with mandatory fields that cannot be skipped while filling the forms. You can convert your paper forms to a digital forms that is similar to the paper ones and collect data on the go by using your phone or tablet.

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Why Construction Company Should Use Digital Forms