Restaurant Feedback: Why Digital is Better?

Keeping customers’ satisfaction is utmost importance in restaurant. In order to do keep customers happy with our restaurant, we need to know their expectation and thoughts on the particular service. Therefore, we use feedback form to get their feedback, gather insight to enhance food and service quality. Feedback also makes customers feel valued and it can avoid bad review online.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, digital form will help a lot in managing the restaurant feedback better than using paper form.

Why digital form is better?

Get specific feedback from customers

Filling a long feedback form in paper that has nothing to do with customers experience is quite a pain. Moreover, you can’t ask for specific feedback for specific service, because usually feedback forms are printed beforehand and that makes the questions become too general.
Digital form allows you to get a specific feedback and get a deeper insight from customers based on the particular items and service that they ordered. In addition, it becomes more engaging to review the items they orders and service they experience themselves. This specific feedback also reduce the gap between customers expectation and the real service they receive.

Detailed performance report

With paper forms, you would need to input customers’ data one by one to be able to use it for customer-centred purposed or building strategy to enhance food and service quality. With the nature of manual forms, it can get damaged or the writing is not clear enough to be read. By using paper form, the data might be incomplete or lack of details to measure the performance of the restaurant.
Digital form would automatically record the data. Owner, manager, or staff only need to login to access the data which is automatically consolidated and prepared for download. This way, digital form enables restaurant to get detailed report for the items ordered and review for each item. Restaurant would know which dishes or service need to be improved or discontinued.

Receive real-time feedback

In manual feedback process, we gather the forms then check one by one, or sometimes we have no time to check all of them. Imagine if there is a bad review and we didn’t get to see it. We would never know that our service need improvement and maybe we would find a bad review going online!
When it comes to digital feedback form, whenever you receive a review, you will instantly get a notification on your mobile phone. If it is a bad review, you will have the chance to get the situation under control, soothe the customer even before they walk out of the restaurant.

Easier for staffs and customers

Paper forms will be troublesome for both staffs and customers, especially when in the peak times when restaurant gets busy. Most of the time, customers end up only fill several details because of the inconvenience. Thus, result on the missed details of the feedback.
With digital feedback, it will be easier for staff to carry the forms and hand it over to customers. At the same time, it is more convenient for customers to fill it in the device. Enables feedback to be done even on the peak hours.

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Restaurant Feedback: Why Digital is Better?