Five Steps for Effective Incident Report

Incident report is a tool to document all accidents, near misses, and injuries that happen in a certain place, and may or may not have caused injuries to a person or damage an asset. Incident report should be completed at the time when incident happens no matter how small it is. It consists the information such as the cause of events, the parties involved, the date and time the incidents happened, and how it happened.

Creating an incident report is one of the security officer’s duty. For security agency, it’s important to ensure that your security staff is able to provide an effective report in order to give an accountable and trusted information. An effective security incident report must be clear, concise and informative.

Those information in incident reports not only provide valuable information to the management team but also to your clients. It can help agency to carry out a plan to reduce the incident or even to prevent the same incident or threat in the future. That’s why agency and security officer need to ensure that incident report is performed effectively by recording all the necessary details needed.

The followings are the step a security must take to achieve an effective incident report.

#1 Timely Response

Gather details and react immediately after receiving the incident news. This way, security guard would be able to gather fresh information from those involved in the incident. The manual reporting may take time to response, whereas a technology is able to give an immediate notification for the person in charge to take immediate actions.

#2 Detailed Facts

Having all the facts is important in being able to identify the cause of the incident. These details include: date and time, location, the important cause of incident, the damage, and the condition of the location. In a digital reporting, it’s a must to fill all mandatory information in real time so that company can get a thorough information about the happening incident right away.

#3 Gather the Sequence of Event

This step includes: the consequences of the incident, who is involved in the incident, the specific actions taken by the involved parties, the materials/ tools involved, who is affected by the incident, and why did it happen.

#4 Analyse Findings

After record the detailed information, security agencies need to do an in-depth analysis about the incident: what cause the incident and what are factors involved. The analysis should be able to articulate the specific cause such as: the gate was not being checked whether it was locked.

#5 Build a Preventive Plan

It’s not enough to only respond to incident. The goal should be to be able to reduce or prevent it to happen again in the future. That’s why it’s important to have the detailed information of the cause, factors, and damage. So that, agencies can build a specific plan to prevent the incident in the future.

Using an online form to perform incident report will help to fulfil those steps, because the digital solution provides features that support security to build an effective incident report.

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Five Steps for Effective Incident Report