How Paper-Based Process Are Hurting Your Company

It is no surprise to most people that using paper documents within a business can be costly, wasteful, and inefficient. For most companies, there is general understanding that the cost of paper processes goes beyond because not only the cost of its paper but also for other equipment such as ink, fax machines, and filing cabinets. Furthermore, you will face another problem that hurting your company. This post looks closely at paper-based process and outlines six main problems of utilizing them in your business.

It’s Hard and Take Time to Track Down

A missing file or paper document can be hard and take a time to find. Workers may spend many hours every week looking for important information, missing files, folders and other paper documentation. So it will taking up valuable time that better to spent on more critical company tasks.

Increase Additional Cost

As mentioned above, when your company using paper, there are other expenses besides the cost for paper itself. Other factors such as courier fees and postage, printer and toner cartridges and maintenance costs.
Furthermore, you will not only need lots of paper, usually in different size and shape you will require more printers, stationery and other office supplies each month. These costs quickly add up and can become a significant expense in larger organisations.

Take a Lot of Space

Paper documents take up a significant amount of space, and it will get bigger as the number of documents you accrue grows. Furthermore, documents will typically need to be stored close to hand so that they can be accessed as quickly as possible. If they are located on another floor or in a different building, you could experience severe productivity losses when retrieving forms.

Lack of Security

Paper document can be less secure. Misplaced document can easily be placed in the wrong hands. Client expect their information to be secure in your hands. If you can’t keep this safe, you are at a risk of losing them. A cabinet filled with files is easier to break into than a system which requires a password and credentials to get into.

Prone to Damage

There is real chance your office and its documents could be damaged by a flood, cyclone, bushfire, or other extreme weather event. A fire cloud also wipe out your onsite records.
Mostly in office activities, documents can also get damaged from the people spilling drinks or food on them.

Hard to Make Changes

When you are working with paper documents it is much harder to make changes. Every time you want to make a change, you will require to print out again. This will need to be repeated every time you want to make more amendments and you might run out of space if significant changes are needed. Ultimately, editing becomes a messy, time-consuming, and costly process.Now, what the most problem you experienced when using paper-based process? Have you ever tried to digital forms? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts.

How Paper-Based Process Are Hurting Your Company