How to Streamline Cleaning Inspection Processes AdeptForms

Cleaning Inspection are the fundamental thing for evaluating your services and communicating with customers. In order to keep the customer satisfaction, cleaning inspection must establish a baseline to measure whether service is improving, same, or declining.

With the current work process, supervisor have to check manually to the site before officer clears the site. After officers finish their job, supervisor needs to check again to ensure the work is finished. Not only that, the supervisor is still dealing with the complicated reports. Complicated reports that can take hours or days to be done.

In today’s business competition, companies are expected to work in more efficient way. However, with the mundane task the cleaning companies have, it might be difficult for them to keep up with the competition. As well as other industry, companies in cleaning industry also need a system to help them doing their task faster and easier.

Adopting an automation technology is the answer for this problem. With technology, the processes can be streamlined through automating every process and removing paperwork to paperless. Technology enables officer to submit cleaning reports and send notification to the supervisor. Officer can submit information about location, area, type of cleaning services and upload file photos. When officer has been submitted the form, supervisor will receive notification immediately. Without checking manually to the site, supervisor can get all of the information and take a review with several clicks away.

Technology also can generate the report automatically to many file types and no more wasting time. Moreover, technology enables to centralize the data in one cloud platform and keep the data securely. When the data has been centralized, supervisor can access, manage and track the data easily.

Adopting technology has been proved can increase the productivity. Technology is making big impact on business and the change is happening faster than ever before. Especially in cleaning industry, technology is the best investment for the long term. Technology enables to generate reports automatically, supervisor can handle more sites easier and no longer doing inspection manually.

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How to Streamline Cleaning Inspection Processes AdeptForms