New Year: Upgrade Your Skill and Pick a New Skill

New year has come again and it is time to go upgrading yourself and your business.

One way to upgrade your business is to develop your employees’ skills. Offering employees the opportunity to develop their skills will give employees additional skills and upgrade their skills that allow them to improve work efficiency and productivity.
To upgrade employees’ skills, you can held a training session or a workshop. However, employers often find it difficult and costly to prepare a training room, facilities, and invite the trainer. It is also difficult to manage the training schedule with employees’ schedule, so that often times some employees can’t attend the training.
With the presence of technology, now people are searching for a way to solve this problem by using e-learning platform. Have you ever thought on giving your employees e-learning?
But first, what is e-learning?
E-learning simply is a learning process utilizing electronic technologies to access the material outside a traditional classroom. You can use e-learning to train your employees, help them improve their skills and standardize employees’ skills and hopefully, the employees can improve your business too by working more productively. Different from traditional learning, these 3 reasons will show why you should give your employees e-learning instead of traditional one.
  1. Saves your company money
With e-learning, you can save money because e-learning is cheaper. You don’t need to prepare a specific place and facilities for the learning session and pay for trainer. You can also customize your curriculum based on your needs that will suit your business goals and standard.
  1. Reduces learning time for your employees
You may afraid that learning time for employees may reduce employees’ time for work or even the time doesn’t match with employees’ schedule. You don’t have to worry about that again. E-learning system allows your employees to take learning any time anywhere as it is conducted online. In addition, e-learning digitize learning and you can see the result in real time once the employees finish the course without doing it manually.
  1. Reduces your company’s environmental impact
Based on report by Britain’s Open University (link), e-learning is better than any conventional learning process as it is reduce the environmental impact. Producing and providing distance learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses, they said in their report.
If you are having difficulty on conducting a training for your employees, maybe this is the time when you should consider using e-learning for training and upgrading employees’ skills.
AdeptForms provide e-learning software that can help you conduct e-learning for your employees. Company can arrange their own curriculum and provide their own learning materials, tailored to each company’s needs. You can provide company certificate that can be downloaded after the employees complete the course and or passed the test. Thus, you will be able to know better about employees’ skills. All of the process are conducted online that employees can do training, practice, and even test from anywhere at any time.
As an employer, you can also monitor how the learning is going. The e-learning system lets you know who has completed their training and who has not, show employees who passed the test and who need to retake the test.
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New Year: Upgrade Your Skill and Pick a New Skill