Build Your Own Form With Adeptforms

Companies need software forms that helps fulfill their needs for different kinds of forms. Each company must have its own needs. That is why there is no exact template for forms that work on all of them.
Almost all administration process like report, inspection, or even renting a car requires a lot amount of paperwork. We often find ourselves inputting the same information over and over again into different forms. Besides taking too much time, it also taking too much paper to waste.
Paper Waste
Production of paper needs machinery that contributes to carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For every 1 ton of paper produced, there are around 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide release to the atmosphere. It is greater than the paper produced!
With the rising campaign about saving the planet, companies around the world are finally waking up to lower the usage of paper and other related activities that can harm the environment. In our minds, more paper means more woods to be cut down. That means reducing the biggest part which contributes oxygen to us.
Many companies also start to use digital media for team communication, so that they don’t have to spread paper documents across department anymore. Simply send by emails and take initiative by saving documents onto computer or online.
But is there any software that can help with automation of workflow, helping reduce paper waste, and can share forms across the department?
Of course, there is!
Technology has brought us the best software to help us with our works. In Adeptforms, you can create a form easily with our form builder. Choose the question type, drag and drop the form fields tailored by your needs. Because we believe that every company has its own needs.
With Adeptforms, you can simplify your daily job with share forms across departments without a manual process of distributing the paper. Thus, make your forms accessible for anyone in your company with our workflow form automation.
The filled-in information will be stored in the database which enables the information to be available any time. The data can be sort and managed in a way that makes it easier to look up or search. In addition, the synchronization makes it possible for us to access information from anywhere as long as we have permission.
More of the benefits, besides saving time, saving money, and enhance the information quality, the usage of digital forms that reduce the usage of paper contributes to environmental sustainability. By converting to digital forms, you use less paper which means saving more trees, water, and reduce the use of the dangerous chemical.
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Build Your Own Form With Adeptforms