Tired to Fill Out Forms? There is A Solution to Your Tiring Form Filling


Any transaction in a form of administration process, like renting car, report an inspection, or even applying for job, requires a cumbersome amount of paperwork. We often find ourselves inputting the same information over and over again for into different forms. Moreover, with the paper pushing task like that, we later find out that time has just passed by without us doing more important tasks than filling out the same information.


Hence, we start to think how to finish this easier and faster. How do we cut the useless process and work smoothly with our form?


To streamline that process of filling forms, and to prevent a paper pushing work, it is better for us to make use of technology which support an intelligent workflow and automate your form workflow by digitising the paper forms. The disruptive technology will allow us to cut-down the unnecessary process and time-consuming form workflow to be simpler and easier to do.


In the other words, when we fill out forms, with basic information such as name and address, we only need to fill it once for all. The workflow platform will automatically populate the rest of the fields and the same fields in the correlated form will be filled automatically. In some cases, the next questions presented to user will depend on the answer of the previous inputs. In addition, an automated workflow also instantly routes the document to the other related documents in the same workflow. So that we don’t have to track which document follow what document and spending energy on finding the related information.


This way, the task of filling form will be much easier and faster because the automatic system helps us to populate the same information, then fill out the same fields which require the same information and the same document route.


It is also become easier as we use the digital version of the forms which can be accessed via website or mobile app. Imagine using less paper or maybe don’t use paper at all to record information. We only need to open the needed form which can be built from template or pre-built with drag and drop, and fill the form in the website or mobile app. Then, we submit it and done. The document will route automatically by the workflow system so no need to hand it over directly to the related parties.


Using a platform which provides digital form and automated workflow will sure make benefit of your company. Not only the ease of filling form, but also make the work simpler as it doesn’t require us to fill out the same information over and over. Besides, it helps us to save more time and reduce the operation cost.


Furthermore, it can enhance the quality of company service which later will enhance customer experience.


Get control of your data, information, process, and service quality. Then, get control of customer satisfaction without getting tired of paper pushing work.

Tired to Fill Out Forms? There is A Solution to Your Tiring Form Filling