Tips to Build an Effective Incident Report as a Security Officer

Reporting incidents is an essential part of the most security officer job. It’s important to ensure that your security staff is able to provide an effective report. Because the reports not only provide valuable information to the management team but also to your clients.

To achieve an effective security officer incident report, your report must be clear, concise and informative. So, we come up with a modern incident reporting system and several main features that are worth considering.

The following features make it much easier to achieve an effective security officer incident report:

Reporting Templates

As a security company, you will have many different reports such as accident, occurrence report, defect report and more. Managing all reports manually is not the best way and prone to missing files. Moreover, it will be hard when there is some information that must be included.

Digital reporting make it easier to manage all report in one platform. Our incident report template provides you with a streamlined process for reporting any incident. Even more importantly, these report templates are easy to read and ensuring no difficulty analyzing essential information.

Required Information Fields

A common mistake by security officer when reporting the incident is incomplete reports. Because when your security officer fails to include the necessary information, it will be much harder to analyze and report data. Worse, it makes your company reputation drop when giving an incomplete report to your clients.

Fortunately, a modern incident reporting system allows you to design certain information fields as mandatory and security officer is unable to submit before the necessary information are filled. This way will help you overcome security officers’ mistakes and ensure there is no important information is overlooked.

Mobile Digital Reporting

Having a well-thought-out incident reporting process is a great first step, but it is not fully effective without system to streamline it. Many incidents can occur at security officer working sites away from the office, and just rely on paper form that prone to errors. Moreover, paper forms also more difficult to gather desired information from all officer reports.

Using Mobile Digital Reporting to execute incident report provides a lot of benefits. Not only bring ease of reporting incidents but also easily to track the most common incidents and provide the information that is used to develop future prevention of threats.

When your security officer working away from your office, mobile digital reporting ensuring that all reporting submissions are completed, sent, and received digitally. It will be beneficial especially for security manager can now receive the incident report immediately.

Digital Photos

Photos makes incident looks clear to ensure the right information. But, it will be hard to collect the information including photos when your officer work with paper forms.

Modern incident reporting system allows officer to upload photos via mobile device including the description of issue. This way becomes much easier to determine the full extent of the problem and provide the additional instructions in a quick way if necessary.

Nowadays, using incident report platform is proven to be more effective than ever to help security officers create high quality reports for their company.
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Tips to Build an Effective Incident Report as a Security Officer