Toilet Odor Sensor For More Efficiency

Toilet sensor is one of the technologies that can help cleaning staff to work better and efficiently especially on the toilet.

Do you know that toilet in public spaces such as mall or restaurant is used over and over by many people? In shopping malls, restroom can be used by up to 300 people per hour. In food centers, it is about 100 to 150 people per hour. How do cleaning staff ensure that the toilet is always clean? By checking it every hour? Or by stand by on the toilet? It is not time and cost-efficient.

So, how can cleaning staff do their job in an efficient way? Cleaning industry can install toilet odor sensor on the toilet to help cleaning staff do their job in a more efficient way.

What is toilet odor sensor?

Toilet odor sensor is a sensor that detects odor level of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide in the toilet. When the odor reaches a certain level, it will automatically send a notification to the cleaning staff so they can clean the toilet. In this way, the cleaning staff don’t have to stand by on the toilet to wait till the toilet is dirty enough to be cleaned.

The sensor can be integrated with AdeptForms platform. If integrated with AdeptForms platform, it can send a notification to the cleaning staff that toilet on this location is needed to be cleaned up. With this kind of notification, AdeptForms smart solution will make sure that the toilet always clean whenever people use it.

The toilet odor sensor has been developed since 2013 and has been implemented in the public toilet island-wide. Some of the toilet sensor also can count how many people that use the toilet. This can help the cleaning staff or the cleaning industry to generate reports and make decisions regarding how to improve their work based on the reports.

How can toilet odor sensor benefit business?

  • By having toilet odor sensor, cleaning staff don’t have to walk around to physically check which toilet needs to be cleaned up. They can simply get a notification on their mobile phone.
  • It helps businesses to not get complaints about the toilet cleanliness.
  • The sensor can track how many people use the toilet to generate report.
  • Allowing cleaning supervisors to monitor the toilet in real-time.
  • Cleaning industry can plan and better manage the manual resources and consumables inventory.

AdeptForms can help cleaning industry to integrate the toilet odor sensor with our platform. With real-time notification, cleaning staff can do their works in a more efficient way. Our system will send a notification to cleaning staff smartphone when the odor reaches a certain level which implies that the toilet needs to be cleaned.

AdeptForms can track the toilet visitor also. With this, cleaning industry can find out the peak hours of the toilet usage and the odor so that they can improve more on the toilet cleanliness. So the visitor will not complain about the smell on the toilet.

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Toilet Odor Sensor For More Efficiency