Why Using AdeptForms for Your Security Agency?

Digital forms are electronic form which can be filled online via website in computer or mobile app. Digital forms are easier to be filled with pre-setting fields, easy to access, and save time on reporting.

Nowadays, many industries are encouraged to replace paper forms and start utilising digital forms for their day-to-day tasks. Specifically, in security industry, the digital solution already used in many ways to improve the security operational task and helping security agencies to save time and money. In AdeptForms, we are not only providing solution for security reporting, but also giving our best to streamline the end to end processes from recording information, submitting report, consolidating report, enabling a faster response, and storing the data. Generally, there are many benefits that clients will get from using Adeptforms for security industry.

Here we listed 5 benefits of using Adeptforms in digitising paper forms and helping company to work easier

Ease of managing and tracking security officers in different sites

Security officers tend to work remotely from different sites. Thus, require a good management to manage them from one centralised command centre. Using digital forms will make it easier to manage security in various sites, because it eliminates the need of manually distributing paper and collecting reports one by one to each site. All reports will be submitted to a centralised system and can be accessed at any time anywhere.
Security agency will also know who is in charge of each site by enabling a site point clocking done by security officers.

Improve service quality of security agency

Adeptforms technology of digital forms for security reporting, patrolling, clocking, and SOS enables security officer to work more effective and efficient. The process of reporting become smooth and the response become prompt.
In addition, Adeptforms also provide a learning platform for agencies to hold a training for their security officers online. With this e-learning platform, officers are expected to increase their knowledge and skill of the jobs they are having and meets the better standard of providing the best service for clients.

Get visibility of security operation with real-time dashboard

All of the submitted reports and forms can be seen and analysed from the main dashboard as soon as they are submitted.
From this dashboard, either supervisor or manager will be able to see how the process is going from the forms and report submission and other related things such as site clocking.

Real-time incident reporting

Whenever an incident take place, it needs to be reported quickly as it needs an immediate response. With features that enables real-time reporting, security officers only need mobile device to be able to record information such as: incident and defect, then submit the report to supervisor or manager. This way, supervisor or manager will know in real-time about what happened, who do the reporting, and what need to do as a response for the happening event right away.
This way, the incident reporting and the overall operation will run smoothly without any hurdles from submitting report and waiting for approval.

Automate manual task to save time and money

The manual tasks of distributing paper to many working sites, collecting reports, and consolidating paper reports are sure taking a lot of time to be done. Digitising the paper forms will simplify these processes and save a lot of time. Besides, the absence of paper, can save additional cost for company as company doesn’t need more paper to be printed and filled.

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Why Using AdeptForms for Your Security Agency?